Our Products

Cardaroo Products are here to redefine the way you gift! We have over 120 products available here in our online store, including our core product, the original Cardaroo Pouch, the ultimate gift-wrapping accessory. Its patent-pending, versatile design allows you to stick, tie, or hang it on any gift bag or box to effortlessly and stylishly keep your card with your gift. We also offer a Cardaroo mini Pouch, designed to hold a gift card or business card, as well as a Cardaroo Bottle Pouch which hangs on any wine, champagne, or liquor bottle for an instant and sophisticated gift presentation. Every pouch includes an all-occasion gift tag, or you may choose one of our many designer gift tags. We have them in every size for every occasion.

Our pouches and tags are of the highest quality, eco-friendly, and 100% American made. The Cardaroo Pouch is the first and only product on the market designed to keep a card securely and stylishly attached to a gift. Stock up now and always be prepared to gift responsibly!

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